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Pink Barber's Shirt
tag # 000963

I'm not a barber but I own a barbers' shirt.. The last time I really wore this shirt at George's Bar. Micah's friends were concerned that I might be gay? I guess pink is only OK to wear if you are a million dollar golfer or a barber.. Me, I'm neither but I still proudly wear my Pink shirt.

Bob the Barber used to wear pink shirt like this.. I used to get my haircut there when I was a Kid. When I returned to Syracuse after about ten years away, Bob was still cutting hair and when I walked in remembered me by name. He even remembered the haircut that he used to give me.. In fact he only does about one haircut.. So a week after returning to Syracuse I had the same haircut that I had had the day I left..

Are you afraid of Pink? Bob never was, nor Arnold Palmer, but you might not want to wear this one to George's...

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