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Fly Fishing Patch
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When I was a kid my family used to spend a week each summer on the St. Lawrence river, and each year my father would try to entertain his 4 rambunctious boys by attempting to get them to all sit still enough to fish..

I never really liked to fish, it seemed a little pointless to me as a ten year old to stand still at the end of a dock and slowly real-in the line over and over and over again.. I guess now I'd think it was meditative.

My dad used to have is own "Bait of Champions". I'm not sure they will ever sell it an any championship bait shop but you might be able to get it at your local market in the canned vegetable section.

My dad's canned corn used to lure the smallest of small, mini-perch, bony rockbass and if we were lucky a trout or two.. Maybe Fred's lures will do you one better.

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