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Jump Around, House of Pain
tag # 001018

When I was at Hamilton I used to have a radio show, every Friday afternoon. College radio use to be the only place that you could hear, hip-hop, mixed with bluegrass, mixed with Bosa Nova, or at least that is what I used to play..

Disco and funk took up most of my playlist, but I would slip all kinds of weirdness into my show. This was a song that I danced too nearly every single weekend during my sophomore year..

We used to have this dance called the "fuckshitup" where Paul, Trey, Dennis and I would all start jumping up and down from one leg to the other often bumping into eachother and falling down.

I think if I tried it today I would spend most of the time on the ground trying to find a little bit of rhythm.. Maybe if you buy this record I could demonstrate the dance if you played it for me..

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