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Converse Sneakers
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Last month Converse declared bankruptcy. In March they laid off all of there American and Mexican manufacturing workforce. This is what happens when you ask fairly paid American men an women to compete with 13 year old children working for the sweatshops run by Nike and the like.

So Converse All-Stars will now be manufactured in China. The last American made shoe, now made in China, while China holds American men and women hostage.. I don't see GE, Nike, GM or any other Global capitalist taking a position on the American service men and women currently detained in China.. Might that be because their true allegiance is to profits rather than the United States and its workers?

Well, these are the last pair of American made converse that I will ever own. These were made by fairly compensated American workers. The new ones will be made by slave labor in china, and even though they will now cost less than $1 to make, they will still cost $32.00 in the stores... yep that's right, the $32.00 that used to support American working families will now go directly to the corporate CEO's who now earn hundreds of times what their lowest employees earn. Hell if I buy another Converse product again in my life...

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