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Floyds Masonary Bowling shirt
tag # 000292

Utica, New York, a town where everybody bowls... Everybody...I don't think that in the entire 4 years that I lived in the Utica area, that I ever met someone who didn't bowl. And I'm not talking about recreational bowling either, Utica folks are "organised" bowlers, leagues and clubs and private lanes..

That may explain why when most thifts stores in the United States have been picked clean of all of their bowling apparel, that the Utica Salvation Army was chock full of shirts owned by all kinds of organized utica bowlers from tom, rich, lewis, gus ans this fine shirt previously owned by a man named Malone..

My grandmothers maden name was Malone, could this have been her cousin? Grandma....? She never bowled, but it looks like someone in her family did?

Do you bowl? b/c its only fair that this shirt goes to a good bowling home..

Where Did It Go?

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