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Rossignol Snowboard w/ K2 Clickers
tag # 000014

In the middle of the 1999 season, my snowboard broke in half. So my friend Jeff from Gore Mountain sold me his old board. Its kind of crazy how many Gore mountain folks now live and work in Salt Lake City,

Robin, Jeff, Sara, Franz, Jim, and a few more I'm told. We all used to work at little Gore Mountain in Upstate NY, and we all followed Franz and Megan out there for the promise of 4ft snows.. Well I think that I'm the only one who left there? To Iowa no less.. No mountains here.

Well, Its a pretty good board, but a few years old now and it been ridden just about everywhere.. It went with me to British Columbia, Mt Hood Oregon, Lake Tahoe, Sweden and Norway.. Its a pretty big even on me and Jeff is a foot shorter than me so he must have flown on this monster.. a Rocal 169....

I'm selling the boots somewhere too...

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