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2 White Shirts, Dry-cleaned
tag # 000672

One thing is for certain, a shave, haircut and two white cotton shirts can quickly be turned into a few hundred dollars cash..

Waiting tables is the backup job for every artist everywhere, I was shocked to meet some of my fellow students at Iowa who had never waited tables.. I'm not sure how they could go through Art School without preparing for their most likely out of school employment.

When I first moved here I had about $100 left on my credit limit and had just spent a year working on a film project.. I needed some income so I could pay for some of the beer and food that I was eating nightly at Margaret's house.

So I went to the thrift store, bought two white shirts, dropped them at the drycleaners and talked to nearly every restaurant in Iowa City.. I started three days later and with my first nights wages I finally replaced all the beer that I drank at Margaret's house...

Did your dot com lay you off? Here are a few cleans shirts that will help you get some cash in your pocket.

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