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Dickies Jeans, Well Worn: Pair 2
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I wear these pants nearly every single day. Last year I went to the doctor to get a physical, and he asked me how often I wore the pants that I was wearing? I told him that I wore them nearly every single day and he instructed me to get a couple of pairs of these...

Well I did, and these are the second of three pairs of Dickies that will go up for auction.. They are really good jeans and only cost $17.50 a pair at stores around here. I bought these at Walmart.

Last spring I worked as a Production Assistant on a commercial for Walmart.. It paid pretty well, but I felt a little dirty taking money from Sam Walton. A week or so after I worked on the job, I was listening to an interview on NPR about an Ad that Walmart ran which featured women in a factory thanking Walmart for keeping them employed by buying American made goods.. The only trouble is that by the time the Ad had actually aired the featured women had been laid off b/c Walmart had canceled their contract and had given it to a Chinese company instead..

I don't shop at Walmart anymore.

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