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Ray Charles, Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music
Tag # 000817

After another of my failed relationships, I moved in to the house of "Uncle Ted" as my friend Mark called him. "Uncle Ted" is a professional painter at Syracuse University, he was divorced and had a huge house that was basically empty except for his room and the kitchen on the first floor.

Mark called him "Ted" after Ted Nugent, because he fancied himself quite a sportsman and would fish and hunt nearly every single day... Seriously. He ice fished all winter long. And when he would come home after a few hot toddy's on the ice he would turn his stereo on a loud as it would get and blast Hank Williams tunes on repeat..

Needless to say it drove me crazy and with in six months I quit my job and moved to Salt Lake City Utah.. (windupfilms)... And while I was out there I vowed to never listen to another Hank Williams song again, that was until I found this record.....

I almost think that I should just send it to "Uncle Ted... " Maybe he will bid on it...

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