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Sara Gibbs' Dad's Hat
tag # 000780

Sara's dad is a great skier, he continues to ski every weekend of the season at Gore Mountain in Upstate NY. Gore is where I met Sara, she is one of the toughest skiers I ever met, and when she decided to take up snowboarding she got even tougher.

During here first weeks of learning to snowboard she tried to keep up with all of here speed addicted (not the drug) ski buddies.. She would just point her board down and attempt to keep up with people on race skis.. And she did.. It was crazy, apart from some of the nastiest spills I have ever seen, Sara is now one of the fastest snowboarders I know.

The last time I went ridding with her at Snowbird (there are ten or so skiers and boarders from Gore Mountain who live and work in Utah now) I couldn't even keep up and I have been snowboarding for 15 years..

Sara's family has always skied and used to have a virtual museum of bad ski fashions from the 60's through the 80's and this hat was one such example.. I love it and have worn it all over the place. I used to get in trouble at snowbird b/c the hat didn't fit in with the new styles.. I tried to explaine that all of the Old Timers wore a hats like this, at one point, so I was just paying respect to the world famous Junior B.

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