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5000 Artists Return, Shop Mandiberg Purchase
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Michael Mandiberg is selling his entire life on the internet...

And this is what I bought from him a few weeks ago. I think that he re-stocks stuff that he sell, so this part of his life I guess is still for sale, both here and there.

The book? What better a book to be part of two ongoing conceptual art projects that examine the commercial systems that are being built on the internet? 5000 Artists Return to Artists Space for its 25th Anniversry..

25 years ago artists created new venues for their Art to be seen... Artists Space, CEPA, Light Work, Visual Studies Workshop, Hallwalls and the like all cropped up at the same time... Where are the new spaces created by new artists now?

One place that I have found is Gallery Michael Williamses Closet. Let me know what else is out there...

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