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Chrysanthemum Beverage, Pork Pantry
tag # 000353

I don't know what this is, but I've been a little hesitant to make my self a cup.. Yup you guessed it, this must have come from my pork pantry party..

Pantry Parties are one where the invited have to bring an item currently in their Pantry... The idea being that the host who has little to no food, hosts a party where the invited bring stuff to stock his/her cupboard.. I came up with the idea one winter when I was totally broke.

So I invited friends over for a potluck, but since I didn't have much to offer, I didn't want them to go out a buy any thing at a store.. So they just brought what was in there house and I served what was in mine.. I think I will have another one before I go on the road so I can cook for you when I come and visit my Chrysanthemum Beverage...

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