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Chunky Soup
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Cooking is therapy for me. I like to spending my Sundays reading Molly O'Neil and cooking some big stew like meal for myself and my neighbor Ben. During the last few months I have been overwhelmed with work and have spent my Sundays trying to catch up with all the work that I need to do. That means that I have had to eat prepared foods more than I would like too.

I learned to cook at the Keehn Cooperative at Hamliton college. It was there that I learned a very important cooking lesson. DO NOT MULTIPLY SPICES!!. Trey and I usually signed up for cooking duties and one night we were responsible for making "chicken with 40 garlics". The recipe called for 40 cloves of garlic for a 4 person recipe. We were cooking for 40 people, so I did some simple multiplication and started to peel 400 cloves of garlic....

Our new specialty "Chicken with 400 Garlics" didn't really go over that well... Trey and I had to open all the windows in the kitchen and we spent the following week eating all of the left over Chicken. I didn't get sick all semester long that year.

Well, rather than having to eat 400 cloves of garlic, you could just bid on this and have a meal in a minute.

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