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Planet of the Apes Record
tag # 000230

When people ask me whether or not I miss the stuff I have sold, they seem to be a bit skeptical when I tell them how much I miss every single thing.

They say "come on" do you really miss your "Planet of the Apes Record" or your box of "Girl Scout Cookies"? Well maybe not the later, but I will miss this record..

This is thrift store gold... I paid 25 cents for this and it is far more valuable than that.. Not just b/c it is collectable.. It's also a reminder of midwinter Saturday afternoon broadcasting before TV sports was a 24 hour endeavor, and reruns of the Planet of the Apes movies would play instead of professional bass fishing.

Now you seldom see the Planet of the Apes on Saturday afternoon broadcast programing. It might be because Ted Turner owns the rights to it and forgot to develop the All Ape network, or maybe I just have to get the super plus digital cable satellite package to see a rerun of an old Saturday afternoon seventies classic..

I will miss this record.. It saw a lot of play on my radio show on WHCL in Clinton NY.. Do you make electronic music.. b/c I would love to here this old record mixed into something new..


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