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Map of Northeastern States and Provinces
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Trey and I got in a fight over my AAA maps during the extended road trip that that he, I, and LM took after we graduated from Hamilton. That wasn't the only thing we fought about. That trip kind of sucked. I don' think that it is ever advisable to go on a road trip with your girl friend and your best friend. When Trey and I weren't being the most annoying dorks in the world I was hanging out with LM like we were married.

It made for some tension between Trey, LM, and I. I always felt like I had to take sides and I did, sometimes Trey's sometimes LM's, and sometime they would take each other side and just hate me for a while.

If you have ever been in a car for four weeks straight then you can understand how crazy it gets. Overall the trip was a amazing... We swam in the polluted waters of the Mississippi, the 42 degree water of the Oregon coast , the far from refreshing 89 degree water of the dive hotel we stayed in in Las Vegas...

As for the fight, Trey used my AAA maps as his personal stationary... He would send letter out daily, many of them containing cutouts from the maps that we were navigating by.. When I complained about the practice he told me that I could get as many maps as I wanted in any local AAA bureau.. "So quit your bitching"

He was right... But it didn't matter...We never needed the map for the North East.... The trip ended early...

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