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Welcome to Allmylifeforsale, an online project that explored our relationship to the objects around us, their role in the concept of identity, as well as the emerging commercial systems of the Internet. Using the public/commercial space of the online trading community Ebay in conjunction with his online catalogue, John Freyer catalogued and sold nearly everything that he owned, from his kitchen cutlery to his personal hygiene products, his Star Wars sheets and finally even the domain name itself. (Now owned by the University of Iowa, Museum of Art)

To date he has sold more than 600 items including his false teeth, a full size office copier, personal photographs, and his winter coat (in the middle of the winter). Each item -- whether spectacular or mundane -- began trading at one dollar. When the auction had ended, he sent each of the high bidders details about the project as well as a brief history of the object s/he had purchased. Freyer then requested updates from each bidder on his/her new object and incorporated these updates -- including written feedback and photographs of Freyer's former possessions in their new homes --into In August of 2001 he embarked on a journey to visit the various places where his items had ended up, his travels were chronicled on his ongoing travelogue site (the UIMA's fist Online Exhibition)

Bloomsbury USA published a full color hard cover book about the Allmylifeforsale project. The book, released in November of 2002, is a unique collaboration between artist and publisher. Rather than contracting the design of the project to their usual design firm, Bloomsbury has entrusted the design and layout of the book to Allmylifeforsale's creator John Freyer. Freyer has extensive experience with in the DIY world of self-publishing, letter press printing, and artist books. This current project is the largest he has ever taken on, and is an interesting translation from the non-linear temporary nature of the Internet, to a more permanent physical record of the Allmylifeforsale Project.

Before and After QTVR's of his House

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