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All My Life For Sale

Last week I made my now familiar return trip from the east coast to Iowa City. When I made the same trip in 2000 I decided that I would drop out of school, sell of my unwanted stuff and move back to New York. That was until I registered the domain name

Soon I found myself listing almost everything I owned on eBay, asking strangers to keep me updated my former possessions, and eventually asking high bidders if I could visit my former things in their homes. A year later I have just completed the design and layout of a book about the project.

The book All My Life For Sale is 224 pages and includes photographs of the objects that I sold, the people that I visited, and e-mail updates from the high bidders who participated in my project. Bloomsbury asked me to design the book from cover to cover and gave me an amazing amount of flexibility in both the design and content of the book.

This is the preliminary copy of the book that they gave me last week and it only seems fair to make it available to the eBay community first, being that this project would not have been possible without the support of so many of you.

The proceeds of this sale will be donated to Light Work, a nonprofit arts organization in upstate New York. During my employment at Light Work, I learned many of the skills, which allowed me to design this book…

It is not brand new, as I’ve shown it around to my friends and family, but it is my only advance copy, and second hand is the best way to buy anything.

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