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My Girlfriends' Favorite Sweater
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When I was sixteen my mother's high school friend Jackie Tolles open a Bennetton store in Saratoga Springs. I applied for a job there because I was getting a little tired of working at Kyer's Stables, where I had shoveled manure since I was 14.

The Bennetton policy was that the employees had to wear their clothing during work hours. But I couldn't afford to buy the overpriced clothes (even with my discount) so they let me just put on a sweater off the rack for my shift. I would always come into to work after skateboarding all over town, I was usually quite sweaty.

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to all of the people who paid too high a price for a sweater that may or may not have been worn by a very sweaty and probably dirty skateboarder during the years of 1987-1989.. I hope you had your sweater professionally *dry-cleaned before you wore it out.. (If not I would recommend you dry-clean your Bennetton sweater immediately)

Oh as for this sweater.. Jackie Tolles gave it to my for my birthday and every girlfriend that I have ever had always loved this sweater.


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