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"Every Icon" Digital Art Applet
Tag # 000677

On Friday, John Simon came to Iowa City, and visited the Digital Worlds' Garden at the University of Iowa. He talked about his "Every Icon" project which was featured at last years' Whitney Biennial.

He sold me a copy of the project, which exists as a Java Applet which cycles through every possible combination of images on a 32 x 32 pixel grid. (the standard image size of all computer icons, i.e. the Mac trash can, the folder icon and the like) The Catch is that the effort to display Every Icon possible, will take the program billions and billions of years...

My copy will start calculating Every Icon today... The sooner you buy it the sooner you will get to see the final results...if you have a few billions years to wait

Here is your chance to own a project that appeared in the Whitney Biennial .

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