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Jen's Art Video's
Tag # 000562

Last December I drove from Iowa City to Syracuse NY in 18 hours though some of the worst weather that I had ever seen. The trip that normally takes 14 hrs, took so long b/c it took me four hours to drive 50 miles of the New York State Throughway by Buffalo

I arrived five minutes before the start of the Final Screening for the video students in the Department of Art Media Studies at Syracuse University. I came to see the video that my friend Jen had been working on all semester long called "Bat Mitzvah"

All for naught, b/c the person who organized the screening thought that Jen had accidentally handed him somebody's home video of their "Bat Mitzvah" So instead I got to watch a bunch of glorified rock videos that tried to show "the perspective of heroin running through your veins"

Bat Mitzvah documented Jen's neighbor's coming of age event from the perspective of someone who has always had video technology around them. You may remember Jen, she was a Michelin tire baby in the commercial that ran during the royal wedding of Charles and Diana

I don't think that Bat Mitzvah is on this tape, but her Long Island Railroad video is.

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