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Comic Books
Tag # 000402

I'm not alone in my collection of too much stuff. Last year at about this time I received a package from Bekah and Doug. It was filled with crap from their house that they didn't want anymore...

So who did they send it too? Me b/c half the crap they have in their house came from my massive pile of junk. So included in their pile of unwanted trash were these comic books.

I never was into coming books.. I like a good Bazooka Joe comic strip but that is mostly due to the gum.. If comic books came with gum? Chili? Archie? One or two Spidermans too.. I just like the ads for magic sets and science projects myself..

If you are the high bidder maybe you will do with them what Bekah, Doug and I have not been able to bring ourselves to do and finally throw them out?

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