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Iran Bowling Shirt
Tag # 000244

This is my most coveted bowling shirt. When I go bowling, I always bring my collection of bowling shirts, and this shirt is always the first to go....

Only the closest of the close have ever worn this shirt. Trey found it for me in some thrift store in San Francisco, and it is from "New Show Pizza" in Tehran Iran... I wonder if there still is a pizza joint in Tehran?

I wore this shirt when I invented "The Butt Dance" as some Skidmore College art opening. The dance includes a slow hip gyration with your butt out to the right side a little for two beats and then to the left side for one beat..

Something may tell you that I'm sort of a dork...

But if you are the Highest Bidder you will join the few who have had the opportunity to bowl in this fine Iranian bowling wear.

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