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Flash 4 Book
tag # 000937

Well I bought this book less than a year ago. I had barely opened the pages when they decided to release Flash 5.

I've said before that I think that the new economy is fueled solely on the sale of new computer manuals.. What if the automobile industry introduced a new type of car every year that required you to buy a 300 page user manual, which explained why they decided to remove the steering wheel and replace it with a new improved system that will take you a few weeks to get used to?

Well in software they seem to do it every six months or so..

Do you think that software will ever get to the point where the new versions only offer features that you would never use.. Like image editing capabilities in a word processing program or text editing in an image editor?

Well this book is a lot more useful than a manual for a Atari 2600 game system..


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