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Stool from My Makeshift Workbench
tag # 000119

I bought this stool to go with the work bench that I made from a desk that I found on the street. I had to find something tall because the I put the desk up on milk crates due to its lack of legs.

Unfortunately my work bench has seen less action than I would like it too. Thus far I have used it too stitch together my Pilgrims 10 book, and have set up a table top background to photograph all of my stuff..

When I sent my ruby red chair out a month or so ago, I put the appropriate postage on the back of the chair and sent it through the mail... it still cost $16.00 but it was fun to see if the post office would ship an unwrapped chair.

I think that this will fit in a box and make it to your home for a pretty fair rate.


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