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Old Flash Bulb Flash
tag # 001032

I have had this for a long time. I used to keep it with my camera collection. When you collect stuff it is hard to explain why you would keep a flash that you know, you will never use.

Each year at the Community Darkrooms we used to have a Tag Sale fundraiser and every year the collectors would come out of the wood work. The most infamous of them (to the Light Work Staff) was the late John Artruba, who was also well known in the local camera stores.

John Artruba had one of everything. At the tag sale he would always buy his third or fourth of what ever he bought. If it wasn't a fund raiser I might have felt bad about taking his money when he bought his sixth broken syphon washer.

He was banned from local camera stores b/c he would walk in on a sale, and tell the customer at the counter that he had three of those and would sell it to them cheaper. The only trouble was that he would never sell anything. The customer would follow him out of the store, to his house, and by the time the price was discussed, John had changed his mind. "He couldn't sell that, then he'd only have one of em left."

That is the guy that I could have been in 50 years, I'll sell you this flash and I don't even have another.


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