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Stevie Wonder,
Songs to the Key of the Life
Tag # 000805

Do you not own this record? Well don't buy it here, go to your local thrift store and buy yourself a copy. This has to be the 2nd most donated album to the Salvation Armies of the world, and I can't understand why. The first most plentiful album in Americas' thrift stores is Whipped Cream by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. Now that was my favorite album when I was eleven or twelve years old.

This album is the best album in the world. I'd list all the songs but if you don't know what's on this record you don't deserve to own it. And since I think you should support you local thrift store instead of Ebay you might as well leave you computer right now and walk down the block, pay your 25 cents and listen to it today...

Or you can bid on my copy, wait ten days for the auction to end, go get a money order to pay for the item plus shipping and handling, and then wait two or three additional days for the us postal service to deliver it to you...

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