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Burts Beeswax Lip Balm
Tag # 000693

In Feb. of 1999 I had more than 20 keys on my keychain.. So many keys that my front pocket bulged with the awkward shaped institutional "do not duplicate" keys.

Every time I would take my keys out I would inadvertently pull out my change and assorted pocket contents. This balm would hit the tile floor and roll down the hallway. I had to stop carrying anything in my pockets except for my Keys.

By that summer I had only one key left on the ring.. And in July I accidentally locked that solitary key in my car somewhere at the base of Mt. Hood in Oregon.. Only having one key... is a great feeling..

It lasted until I arrived in Iowa and on the third day here the Photography Department issued me 8 keys and 16 or so keys later, I have more keys than I did in 1999..

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