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My Journal 1993-1996
Tag # 000552

I've never really been the best at keeping a journal.. That's why this one was never completely filled even though I kept adding to it over a three year period..

I tried for a while to add to it at least once a week. Journals to me are a little weird b/c I always wrote in them as if I was writing to someone else. As if there would be somebody else in the world that would want to read my journal.

After this was tagged in October I started to reread some of the stuff that I wrote back then. And I remembered specifically the day that I started the journal and how I had left it on the middle of the bed in what was Trey's mother's room when she was alive. When I came back in looking for the journal I could not find it anywhere.. Nobody else was in the house so I thought that I was going crazy or something.

An hour later or so I found the journal alone on the center of the bed where I left it.. Where it went I have no idea, but if I believed in ghosts I might suppose that Trey's mother was playing a little trick on her son's friend John.

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