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Broken Tooth
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So I have some dental problems.. I should brush my teeth more, and go to the dentist once and a while.. Well the last time I went to the dentist was due to this rotten tooth bit...

One day I was skateboarding down the street and felt a little chunk of something swimming around in my mouth and when I went to bite down on it to see what is was, I very near killed myself on the pavement... Tooth is pretty hard and when you bite down on a chunk it kind of rattles your jaw a bit. When you get that kind of rattling its hard to stay balanced, and lack of balance does not a skateboarder make...

Well guess what? At the time I didn't have dental insurance, (like millions of people in this country without adequate heath coverage) So I spent the next three months trying to find a way to save up the $250 dollars for the Dental Work

With King George's new tax plan I might get a $250 tax break so that I can pay for a filling or two.. While Dick Cheney (who has dental insurance) will get a $250,000.00 tax break? I guess its only fair.. I'll be able to get a filling and he will be able to get that third Yacht he always wanted..... Which with any luck he will be able to pass on to his Trustfund grand kids with out having to pay any taxes on his multi-million dollar estate... (Small Buisnesses and Farms pay less than 1% of the Estate tax. Bill Gates and Dick Cheney are niether Farmers nor Small Buisnesses Owners)

Flat tax? I've got an Idea. Why don't you take the the Tax Cut plan and divide it up evenly so that every tax payer gets the exact same amount back..

1.6 trillion divided by 250 million would equal about $6,400.00 a piece.. That's more than enough to get my tooth filled and maybe Dick Cheney and I can buy a row boat together...

Fair and even $6,400.00 a piece, now that's a flat tax..


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