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Five Dollar Iron
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When I moved to Iowa I started waiting tables at a semi fancy restaurant. Before I realized that it would be easier to dry clean my shirts, I thought that I needed an iron so that could press them.

So I went to a few second hand stores and found used irons for anywhere between $8 and $13. I didn't have much money at the time so I didn't get one.. The next day I was in Kmart and found this five dollar iron. I couldn't believe how cheap it was.. How could it be that a used iron would cost more than a new one?

Well if you look at where this is made you will know.. You see first you ask for federal subsidies to protect American jobs, you then lay off you entire American manufacturing workforce.. Then you find a company in China that employs children as part of their "education".

Then you lobby for most favored nations status for China so that you can dump those products in your own market, putting the other American manufacturers out of business.

Its great for the company and bad for everybody else.. Do you want my $5 iron? I'd rather buy one used so I don't have to support Westinghouse... Oh and you probably wont find CBS news doing stories on Westinghouse's manufacturing plants in China.. Nor will you find NBC news doing stories on GE's opposition to the clean up of their dumped PCB's in the Hudson River.

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