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The Jackson Five, Greatest Hits
tag # 000416

If I hear ABC one more time I may have to take advantage of this country's ridiculous gun laws and buy myself an automatic weapon for a rampage.

In Iowa I can walk into a pawn shop and buy a hand gun.. I've never fired a gun, never even held one. Its easier for me to buy a handgun than a pack of cigarettes at Walmart.

But maybe Ashcroft will make that easier too when he makes a settlement with the Tobacco industry.. Now you maybe asking what cigarettes and guns have to do with the Jackson 5..

Well when you get this album and actually choose to listen to it don't be surprised if you find yourself sitting in a corner smoking two packs of cigarettes a day thinking of going to your local pawn shop to get that $25 handgun you always wanted.

It fine.. I used to like it..

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