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Retro 70's Spinning Chair
tag # 000384

When I moved to Iowa City, the only furniture that I had was stuff that I could fit in my car.. Which meant that I didn't have any..

While staying at Margaret's house I started to collect stuff off the streets and at garage sales in the neighborhood.. Her back porch started to fill up with the various things that I would find..

I got this chair at one such garage sale. The family was selling this chair against the protest of their children who spent most of the garage sale guarding their spinning friend.

After I paid for the chair the I had to get the Dad to remove his kids from my new property so I could take it with me.. They were not very happy about it... Nor will I be happy when I have to ship it to you..

When people visit my house they tend to sit in this chair and within minutes they start to spin.. Be careful with your bidding b/c the shipping on this baby will be pretty high.. Maybe you can pay my gas and tolls and I'll drop it off myself...

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