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US Mail Bowling Shirt
tag # 000381

Well I think that this is it? My last bowling shirt.. It too is a King Louie, and although its not from Tehran Iran it is from the Jersey City US Post Office Team. Which really isn't that far from Iran.

It has a white US Post office logo on the back and the name on the front of it is Tom... I have almost given this shirt to every Tom I know.. But have decided to hold onto it for some reason. Now its the last one I own.,

Will you take good care of it for me? It is guaranteed to improve your scores on the lane our you can give it back to me when I come to visit?

I'll even give you your money back if I haven't already spent it on King George's gas shortage.. Ask King George why his main supporter Enron is making such a killing this year. First on heating oil and natural gas during the winter and now on gasoline, its a good year to be an oil baron..

And I've done my part to keep the post office in business.. Do you know how much it cost to ship a chair?

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