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Bob Harrington, Youth In America
tag # 000375

Well Bob was right.. Even in the late 60's he could see that things were going to get worse before they got better.. And in the twenty years since this record was releases Bob and his friends have successfully lobbied state legislatures and county school boards to accept that Darwin was wrong...

Creationism,, that pseudo science that teaches the origins of the world based on the bible is now considered a viable educational option. I wonder if King George will include creationism in his federally mandated standardized tests.. Correct me if I'm wrong but when did republicans start supporting federally control of public school curriculums?

Maybe soon all of our science will be formed out of religious superstitions.. Then we can go back to a simpler time when the earth was flat, societies ills were caused by witches, and leeches were used to heal all sort of illnesses..

Bob loves you.. And if you get this record you can hear him tell you so over and over again..


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