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How to Keep Your Husband Happy
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Now this has to be my most prized records.. I'm not sure how this album was ever made but when I found it at Johnny's Records in Syracuse, NY, I knew that I had to have it.

I have used samples from this album on a number of tapes, including one called "Music to Murder By" a tape devoted to bizarre music which would either accompany or induce a desire to commit heinous crimes. Just a few short minutes of Debbie Drake could drive any emotionally stable person over the edge.

Although the album doesn't include an illustrated booklet it does include a checklist for ways to keep your "Husband Happy". My favorites are # 9 Well Set Hair, # 10 Mentally Alert (try reading), and # 2 Be at home when he arrives (if you must work, try and arrange it so you are home first).

Now as someone who has been quoted saying "I want to be a stay at home dad" should I be reworking Debbie's Mantra's to fit my future life?

1. Shave everyday

2. Smile at your wife (will make it more likely that she will give you your allowance)

3. Keep your newspaper neatly folded (as to suggest to your wife that you actually did something today besides read the paper)

4. Stay sober until she gets home (she is more likely to listen to your stories about "General Hospital" if you don't slur you words)

We can make up the rest when I come and visit.

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