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Sugar Hill Gang, Rappers Delight
tag # 000359

This is it... Some say that this record was the birth of Hip Hop, I found it in a bargain bin in the basement of a record store. I remember when I was a kid in Syracuse that the SU radio station used to play rap records in the early 80's.

I can still remember all of the word to La Di Da Di... Either way this was about as early as it gets. What is great about early hip hop is that the underlying beats used to come from hits of the day. imagine if Hip Hop Artist still rapped over current remixed hits. Chic's Good Times was on still on the Charts in 1979.

Of course who would want to rap over Brittany Spears.. Actually that may be the best idea yet.

This has both the long version and the short one.. I will only sell it to someone who promises to play the long version more than they play the short one...


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