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Home Brewing Kit
tag # 000332

I called the last batch of beer that I made Brown Trout Ale.. This kit includes everything that you need to brew your own beer, including a device for putting on the caps. You will need to buy a large soup pot though..

I left mine in Syracuse with LM.. So I haven't made a batch in Iowa yet. I'm trying to convince my friend Kembrew to buy this from me because I want him to call his first batch "Chem" brew.

What will you call your first batc? I volunteer to taste it when I come to visit. I will warn you that the first batch usually tastes a little wonky.. With my first batch Franz and I would open a cold one each take a sip or two, pour the remainder down the drain and then open a store bought beer to get the taste out of our mouths.

But in the subsequent batches the beer became more and more drinkable.. The Brown Trout Ale was quite a brew.. Even my brother in law had some.

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