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Stainless Steel Thermos
Tag # 000293

This is the greatest thermos in the world. It has accompanied me in my car for more that 100,000 miles and keeps me caffinated for the 18hr dirves to New York City that I often feel like making.

LM gave me this for Christmas one year. She always got me the nicest gifts. She always bought high quality. Me I'm always for the best deal, but LM, she new how to shop for quality.

One night when I was in Utah I was invited to spend the night in the Patrol Shack at the top of the Snowbird Ski Resort (elevation;14,000 feet). We made a big dinner for everyone and when we woke up I realized that I had a Thermos full of coffee that I had packed the previous morning. Well it was still warm 24hrs later even at 14,000 feet.

I guess I have a lot of cold coffee to look forward to.

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