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BH&G Handyman's Book
tag # 000280

Nearly every Saturday that I lived in Syracuse I would get up early and head out to the Flea market at the Regain Market complex by old Mac Arthur stadium. It was open all winter long b/c the buildings were used year round for agricultural distribution.

My house began to fill up with stuff from that market. The highlight of each market day was the folks who ran a table ion the main building. Every week at 9 am they would empty out boxes of stuff on to there table and about 20 of us would try and sort the gold from the garbage.. By twenty after nine most of the good stuff would be bought and everything left would be sold for less than a dollar or two.

I actually liked to buy stuff from them after the hoard of people picked their choice. I think that I found this book on that table after the collectors had left. I'm not sure why they didn't take this too. But I wanted to rescue it from its soon to be home in the dumpster.

Usually by the end of the day contents of this table end up tin the trash to make way for next weeks over loaded boxes.


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