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Star Wars Sheet
Tag # 000275

This is a full/queen size flat sheet from the first star wars movie. Usually I draw the line on buying sheets and undergarments at thrift stores, b/c you never really know what has happened in someone pants or under their sheets, but I just had to get this. I have used it as a filter.

Filters are things in your house that you test new acquaintances with to find ou twheter or not your are compatible. An example of a filter date is taking a girl out for a George's cheeseburger. Call me shallow but if a girl doesn't like to drink cheep beer and eat cheeseburgers then why go much further than the first date....

As for this sheet, I put it over my comforter on my bed. It serves as a two way filter, either they like it and I think that I could go on another date with them or they hate it and can't believe that a 28 year old guy has Star Wars sheets. Either way this sheet has served its purpose.

What will I do with out this? May be I will tell them that my false teeth are in the permanent collection at the University of Iowa Museum of Art......

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