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Tan Guayabera
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When I was an intern in the Senate Judiciary Committee in Washington, I tried to to convince the staffers there that in Cuba the Guayabera that I was wearing would be considered a business suit. (Suits are the required dress code for interns in the United States Senate) They didn't quite buy my argument and sent me home..

But that's OK I didn't quite buy the fact that Joseph Bidden (former chair of the Judiciary Committee) was actively proposing new mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines even though everyone on his staff opposed them. Its easy to be tuff on crime when the new death penalty law that he authored can only apply to crimes on federal property like the post office (fewer than 1% of the murders in this country take place on federal property) and most of the murders that do take place at the post office are by disgruntled postal workers.

The point is the "Liberal Democrats" like Joseph Bidden were so busy being "Tough on Crime" when they were in the majority that the prison population in America has doubled in last ten years. Bidden still misses his old Law School buddy Al D'Amato b/c now he has no one to argue with about which one of them finished last and second to last in their law school class...

Maybe if they did better in Law School they wouldn't be sending nonviolent drug offenders to jail for longer sentences than your neighborhood violent rapist.

Maybe if the US Senate changed its dress code to the Cuban Guayabera they wouldn't have to fight over who is tougher on crime.

That Castro he's tough on crime.

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