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Clip-On Tie
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I went to Catholic School. I have never worn a clip on tie! The Crowded Closet has a "Free Tie Day" whenever I buy anything there.

My friend Mark from Saratoga is a skateboarder and works in an investment banking firm in Boston. He works in the mail room and is required to wear a tie everyday, and he does, the same tie. Everyday for the last three years Mark has skated to work with a dirty old clip-on tie in his pocket and when he arrives he attaches the grease stained tie to his unbuttoned collar.

Since I don't go to Catholic School anymore, and I don't think that I will intern in the White House again, I won't be needing this tie, maybe you have a job in the mail room. Ties make you appear professional...

Be more self confident buy my tie!

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