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Light Work Mail 1972-1985
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The best job at Light Work's Community Darkrooms was the posting of the art listings on the three oversized bulletin boards. It seemed like every arts organization in the world had Light Work's address and would send us notices of all of their upcoming events.

The person who kept track of the Bulletin Boards was the most informed of all of us about the goings on of the art world at the time.. They knew of every call for entries, every solo show, and even the popular trends in sculpture and painting.

Well for years Jeff Hoone saved every announcement that came into Light Work, announcements from shows by every major photographer in the seventies and early eighties, announcement from the likes of Nicholas Nixon, Bea Nettles, Charles Gatewood and the like..

Well one day when I was asked to clean out our storage space, I was asked to throw out all of this left over mail which had started to take up a huge portion of our limited space. I couldn't bear to see all of it go to the trash, so I filled a mail bag with handfuls of mail from the random boxes of archived mailings. So who wants a record of contemporary art as it appeared on light work's bulletin board over more than 20 years?

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