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Last fall the Art Museum at the University of Iowa hosted a Science Fair and invited all of the art students to submit science projects. I decided to do an on location experiment to answer the question "How Much does a Pound Weigh?"

So I went to the store and bought a pound and a quarter sirloin steak, borrowed a friend's George Foreman™ Grill and found an extension cord that could run from the grill to the electrical outlet directly bellow the Museum's most prized possession Peggy Guggenheim's Jackson Pollack.

I cooked the steak to a perfect medium rare, and weighed myself before I sat down to one of the most satisfying meals I have ever had. $1,000,000 paintings add such a fine dining ambiance to any meal.

Well, it turns out that one pound actually equals three when consumed in front of famous paintings, before the steak I weighed 177 pounds and after eating the steak, unseasoned and with no beverages of any kind I weighed 180 pounds.

The Science Fair Judge had seen similar experiments in the lab, but none had yielded such remarkable results. I attribute the gain in weight to the Miracle of the Jackson Pollock but if you are the highest bidder on this item you can attributed to anything you want...

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