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Hamilton College Ultimate Frisbee
# 000110

When I was in College I played Ultimate Frisbee, I was terrible, not unlike when I played football my freshman year in High School I would only play during the 5th quarter. There was no 5th quarter in Ultimate Frisbee, so they had to find something for me to do.

I designed this Frisbee for the team one year. My main job on the team was to run. When we would play a team that used man to man defense they would put me in on the toughest player, I would proceed to run all over the place, up and down around and around. Since most Ultimate Frisbee tournaments feature a keg and other party accouterments, the toughest played usually got pretty tired of chasing me up an down the field.

One particularly cold day near the end of a tournament at Skidmore College we challenged Skidmore to a coed naked game to end the Tournament and start the party.. We won...

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