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Ready-made Installation Material
Tag # 000890

I am a pack-rat if you haven't already noticed. This is the most direct evidence of that fact. I have a box full of used printer ribbons from the Dye Sublimation printer at the Community Darkrooms.

I saved every ribbon that I removed from the printer b/c the ribbons contain the latent images from every print that went through the printer. They are beautiful and I always thought that I would do an installation with them.

If you are a successful artist maybe you can convince a major gallery to allow you to install this ready-made piece hat features the latent images of all of the artists who have done digital work at Light Work and all of the random images of the members of the Community Darkrooms.

Me, I don;t really think that I need to keep carrying this junk around. I heard somewhere that you can actually do image transfers with this material, so if you are artistically inclined or well connected in the art world than these are the rolls of junk for you.

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