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Thumb Zine, Issue 9
Tag #000570

Eric Mast lives in Portland, he has published Thumb since he was in college at Skidmore. After I graduated from Hamilton, I moved back home and spent 6 months skateboarding with his Eric's house-mates Matt an Benj...

My first issue of Temporama included excerpts from an Issue of Thumb that I had contributed to.. When Kris and I were in Mt. Hood Oregon filming for Clay Pigeons, We often went down to Ozone records in Portland and Eric helped us find good music to put on the soundtrack to our film, his friends from the Volume All Stars allowed us to use their music in our film.

Eric's mom writes a new music column for Thumb.. She often says things like "It kind of sounds like they are using broken instruments" Eric also collaborates with Mumbleboy......

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