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Hamilton College Sweatshirt
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Hamilton is a small liberal arts college in upstate New York, just outside of Utica. It has a strange mix of students, on one side there are public school kids for which Hamilton was their top choice of schools to attend, and on the other there are prep school kids who use Hamilton as a back up school in case they get rejected from the ivy league.

Which makes Hamilton both a place of Academic rigor (which I attribute to my public school brethren) and also one of the top ten party schools according to Rolling Stone in the early 90's (which I attribute to folks who were rejected from Harvard, Brown and Yale)

I spent a good chunk of my time at Hamilton trying to eliminate the discriminatory practices of Hamilton College's fraternity system, which was quite proud of their role in the tope ten party rating and a little less proud of their contribution to the drop of Hamilton out us the US News top 20..

Well, Hamilton has changed quite a bit in 8 years, the Frat houses are now all coed dorms, and I think that they are back in the Top 20. I haven't seen this years Rolling Stone rating but I think that the University of Iowa might top the list this year.

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