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"It's a Strike" Bowling Belt Buckle
Tag # 000321

I have a number of belts and buckles and this is one of my favorites, (you may notice that I say that everything is my favorite, well it is)

I love Bowling. I have about 5 or 6 bowling shirts. When I was in high school they offered bowling as part of the Gym classes. Bowling was such a popular Gym class that they decided to pair it with Aerobics, the least popular class. I was the first guy to take the bowling class in five year b/c no guys were willing to go through the Aerobics section first.

Well, my high school sweetheart was certainly embarrassed when she had to watch her boyfriend lead the Aerobics class. I kind of got into it, I felt like "Mr. Body", telling the girls to "Make it burn......" "...........Now the other leg" "One and two.......... and the other arm"

It was worth it, in fact it was pretty great to spend gym classes for an entire semester with only girls...

I wonder how many other guys have taken the Aerobics challenge in order to go bowling?

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