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Road Trip Cooler
tag # 000154

I'm not sure where I even got this but it has certainly served me well... It fits right on the hump between the back seat and the emergency brake. I usually fill it with cheese, and cans of Coke..

I don't have airconditioning in my car so it is really great to have some cold beverages when I drive long distances. I once drove from New York to Salt lake City Utah without really stopping. It was a 37 hr drive and by the time I got there I was barely awake.

When I drive alone I try to drive as far as I can without stopping. I usually plan to only stop when I need to get some gas, and since my car gets about 30-40 miles to the gallon, that's along time between stops.

It was a little difficult when I had my thermos full of coffee. But now that my thermos is owned by someone in the Bronx, I may not need to take as many bathroom breaks.

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